Plays Well With Others

We finally made it to a state where we are comfortable sharing the client with others!

We very much plan to continue development as we go along, this is just the beginning!

As we launch into alpha, here is a collection of helpful information:

Panel Content

  • !e or !eqtuip (set) - Equip a set
  • !p or !pos (x-coord) (y-coord) - Move to position
  • !m or !move (x change) (y change) - Move player x or y amount of pixels
  • !c or !color (color) - Tint character a color
  • !u or !unequip (slot) - Remove gear from slot
  • !ua - Unequip all
  • !afk - Stops gaining points but sets auto-disconnect time to 30 minutes instead of 5.

Streamer Commands:

  • !king (name) - Assign king to a particular person
  • !kt or !king_timer (x seconds) - Every x seconds, the king's score is set to 0, creating a new king. Set to 0 to disable.
  • !kick (name) - Remove's a person from the game
  • !z or !zero (name) - Sets a player's score to zero

Panel Content

There are tons of ways to customize yourself in Player, Too Game!

!equip any of these sets:

Tier 0 or Higher:

vault, sonic, mario, ghost, choco, mega, beetle, leather, mage

Tier 1 or Higher:


Any Tier:

sky, blm, blu, brd, bst, cor, dnc, drg, drk, geo, mnk nin, pld, pup, rdm, rng, run, sam, sch, smn, thf, war, whm


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Apr 29, 2018

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