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Player, Too is a game meant to be streamed along with a Twitch streamer's regular game or activity.  Twitch chat interacts with their characters on-screen by entering commands in chat!

There is a bot that parses the chat and implements chatters into the game.  It also listens for commands starting with "!" to indicate an action for it to execute.

NOTE:  In order to get the bot to join your channel, you must be a subscriber of the game's dedicated beneficiary Twitch channel.  Through alpha, the beneficiary of all subscriptions is GamerGiving Charity.  Subscribe to them to get the bot to join your channel!  (Twitch Prime/Amazon Prime works and doesn't cost anything!)

The stars of the game are the gear sets that the players can equip.  Currently, there are around 60 sets; each with individual equippable slots.  Players can mix and match gear onto 8 different equipment slots to create a truly unique look!

Each set of gear is assigned a tier.  Players' tiers are based on their subscription level to the streamer's channel (tier 0 = no sub, tier 1 = $4.99 sub, tier 2 = $9.99 sub, tier 3 = $24.99 sub).  Players can equip any gear on their subscription tier or lower.

There is a score system and the person with the highest score is King.  This player can equip any and all sets, regardless of subscription tier!

Subscribing players exude an aura based on their subscription level to the streamer. 

(Player, aura, king, thf_2 set, sky l_weapon)

The purpose of this game is to encourage Twitch viewers' engagement, increase the time new viewers stay in stream, and offer a meaningful reward to the people who subscribe to the streamer.


  1. Run the client on your desktop
  2. Enter your Twitch channel name, move client as far off screen as you'd like but DON'T MINIMIZE IT!
  3. Add the client as a GAME CAPTURE in your streaming software
  4. Once added as a source, right click on it in the Sources list and choose "Filters"
  5. Click the "+" in the bottom left of the new window and choose "Color Key"
  6. Choose "Custom Color" in "Key Color Type"
  7. Next, click "Select color" and make it black, set similarity and smoothness both to 1 like so:
  8. If everything works, the source will become invisible when viewed through the preview frame in your streaming software
  9. Subscribe to GamerGiving Charity on Twitch (check them out while you're there, it's a great cause!)
  10. Into GamerGiving's Twitch chat, send the command "!join", the bot will join your chat
  11. Setup and run your stream as normal.  Once chat commands are
    received, the game will start displaying characters in random tints.  Have fun!
  12. To remove bot from chat, enter "!part"


Player, Too.exe 4 MB

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